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Christine Stoffel

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Christine Stoffel, a technology and business visionary, specifically across the entertainment industry, founded SEAT in 2007, which offers technology, marketing, sales and operations executives innovative networking and communication channels to focus on every day and industry-unique challenges facing sports teams, along with creating a foundation to tackle the latest technologies and newest challenges through the collaboration and the leveraging of shared knowledge and strategies.

With more than 20 years’ experience leveraging innovative technologies to develop large scale business models that have dramatically improved customer experience and enterprise performance, and generated new revenue opportunities.

Stoffel was the vice president of information technology for the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Club as well as the Phoenix Coyotes NHL Club. In each organization, during her tenure, she was instrumental in turning the clubs into the more technologically forward sports franchises in the sports industry. Her achievements included brokering unique partnerships with technology stalwarts such as Dell, Insight, Nortel, Infoblox and Microsoft; and building a stable core network infrastructure in the stadium and arena that allowed the D-backs and Coyotes to deploy interactive wireless solutions for their fans. Prior to those organizations, Stoffel has held numerous positions with other New York and Phoenix-based companies, including vice president of strategic operations/business development for D3Led/ A2D3 Sport and senior IT director with Caremark RX, the nation’s premier integrated pharmacy services provider.

Stoffel resides in Phoenix Arizona along with her 3 children, Collin (21), Michael (18), Haylee (15) and her two German Shepherds. She enjoys motorcycle riding/racing, as well as any and all outdoor activities and sports.

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