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I went to a psychic and found out one thing about you:

  1. You’re doing pretty good with sponsorships sales, but alas, that’s not enough. You’re getting pressure to substantially push up the numbers.
    1. Now, suppose you went to a different psychic, and you ask, “Tell me about this guy Steve DeLay.”

      She says, “He’s been in your shoes, now you should try on his shoes.”

      “Huh?” you say.

      “He’s been in your shoes, now you should try on his shoes,” the psychic says. Their answers can be head-scratchers.

      Let me try to interpret what the psychic said.

      Every team I’ve ever worked for wanted me to push up sponsorship sales. Some wanted ridiculous increases. No problem. After all, I had learned from the sponsorship guru. That guru, Jon Spoelstra, is now my partner and we’ve collaborated on The Ultimate Toolkit—Sponsorships.

      This toolkit has a different set of tools than a normal toolkit. This toolkit has real tools that you can grab to increase sponsorship sales. Each tools' sole purpose is to help a team increase sponsorship sales.

      You may ask, “Give me an example.”

      Okay, how about weird sponsors. I’m not talking about the people that buy a sponsorship—they are terrific, sane and smart people. I’m talking about sponsorship categories that you would never consider for a big sponsorship. Yep, weird sponsors.

      For instance, who would ever think that a company that made cement siding for homes would become an important sponsor? Or, that a toll road could be a big-time sponsor.
      Using just this one tool—aimed at sponsorship categories that you would never call on—can bring in weird sponsors that pay big-time dollars.

      The Ultimate Toolkit—Sponsorships will help you identify weird prospects, and once you do that you can download a written proposal that you can use to sell that prospect. All you have to do is tweak it to make it your own.

      Besides getting a bundle of found money from prospects you’d never call on, this tool doesn’t disrupt at all the other sponsorships that you’re selling. That doesn’t sound weird; it fact, it sounds pretty cool.

      So, if I went back to my psychic in a few months and asked about you, what would that old lady say?

      “Your friend did nothing,” the psychic said, and then said a prayer.
      Or would she say, “Your friend went to your website and read it and bought the toolkit and used some of the tools and is now the celebrated star of the team.

      Steve DeLay is co-author of "The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House" and "The Ultimate Toolkit - Sponsorships" with Jon Spoelstra. You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @SteveDeLay2.

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