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If an NBA All-Star can practice, why can't you?

Kyle Lowry is an All-Star, an incredibly talented NBA player for the Toronto Raptors.

They are in to the second round of the NBA playoffs. He's played 82 regular season games, seven playoff games in the first round against the Pacers. He should be exhausted.

You know what he was doing AFTER their game one loss to the Heat? He was practicing. That's right practicing. He had shot 3 for 13 in the first game and was only shooting 30% in the playoffs. Check out the story and video on ESPN by clicking here

If an NBA All-Star who makes millions of dollars goes out and practices like that, does a young salesperson have any excuse not to practice?


The problem lies in teams that believe 'sales training' consists of bringing in an outside sales trainer for a couple days to rile up the sales staff. The team management doesn't sit in or participate. After all, they have meetings to go to and spreadsheets to build. Then, after the sales trainer leaves, those same managers don't bother to do any follow up. They don't bother to have their salespeople practice. The two day boot camp fades away after a week or two because there is no practice.

If you're a salesperson, it shouldn't be up to your manager to make you practice. Take it upon yourself as a salesperson to do what Kyle Lowry did. Practice, practice, practice until you get it nailed. You'll see huge results in skill and most importantly, in your confidence. Here's betting Kyle Lowry has a break-out game some time soon with a boost in confidence.

Steve DeLay is co-author of "The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House" and "The Ultimate Toolkit - Sponsorships" with Jon Spoelstra. The Ultimate Toolkits are used by more than 175 teams around the country and world. You can reach Steve at of follow him on Twitter @SteveDeLay2.

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