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Personalization for Success

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Direct mail is a marketing channel that offers many personalization opportunities that in return drive inbound responses and sales, along with warming up sales calls for ticketing representatives. The technological advances that have been made over the years allow mass direct mail efforts to appear specific to an individual or company. Even though the investment in developing a personalized campaign is higher than a normal static print effort, the responses have been known to double and therefor increase revenue significantly. This article will cover how to personalize direct mail for ticket sales to help improve success and put more butts in seats.

The most popular elements used in personalizing direct mail are either the company names or contact names on the mailing database. Contact name personalization can be merged onto the back of a player jersey, name on a mock batters lineup, header of a VIP event invitation, etc. Company names can be much longer than a last name, so merging spaces are less flexible but still extremely beneficial however you choose to include in the design. Both of these options are meant to catch the attention of the recipient by creating a one-to-one marketing aspect that relates directly to that individual or company.
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Another powerful way to incorporate personalization is tying the contents of the database into the imagery and verbiage of the design. Most databases that have either been acquired from a third party or have been analyzed internally will have key identifiers such industry and size, or demographic fields like household income and presence of child. These elements allow for great opportunities to appeal directly to your intended recipient. For example, use images such as a gavel and scale of justice, along with law specific verbiage when marketing to attorneys. The more coordination between the data, the creative, and the way ticket reps are speaking on the phone, the more success that can be achieved.

Other elements that can be utilized are names, direct extensions, and email addresses of ticket reps. The reasoning behind this approach is creating an introduction of who will be calling to follow-up, and showing the transparency of the organization by showing who can be reached directly for questions or purchasing a ticket package. This can sometimes be a dicey investment with turnover in a sales representative position being higher than others, but nonetheless a nice touch to any mail piece.

This article has covered how to incorporate personalization into direct mail efforts to help increase ticket sales. There are many other important elements to executing a successful direct mail campaign, but missing out on the opportunity to personalize each mailer to your recipients is a big mistake. Make your next direct mail campaign a success by considering the options that have been covered here.

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