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The 5 Virtues of Sponsorship

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1. Emotional Connection: The branding platform should look to engage the desired target audience through a variety of positive feelings like inspiration, fun, passion and sentiment.

2. Enhance, Don’t Interrupt: No matter the environment, the branding platform should exercise discipline in creating a thematic that looks to communicate a message that enhances the consumer environment versus interrupting.

3. Moments of Truth: The desired branding platform connects the brand values of the product and the product that it radiates truthfulness in the consumers’ eyes.

4. Authenticity: The objective is to produce a thematic that is so genuine that the idea does not feel like an ad and gains unparalleled credibility amongst the desired target audience.

5. Revenue is a Result, Not an Objective: The brand must exercise creative discipline in designing the “big idea” to keep its initial focus on the objective of engaging consumers vs. its own bottom line. By implementing this philosophy, experience has shown that this is the path to a significantly higher ROI generated from the branding platform.

About the Virtues: These virtues have been perfected and modified by Dan Migala and used as a repeatable process for some of the sponsorship industry’s “Biggest Ideas.” This includes the Chicago White Sox changing their game times to 7:11 p.m. as part of a unique sponsorship with 7-Eleven. The idea was sold instantly, achieving many accolades including earning Dan Migala a lifetime pass to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. In 2011, this method was used in turning the right-field foul pole at PETCO Park into a 85-foot R11 driver as part of TaylorMade’s first-ever baseball sponsorship that landed the brand on the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Northwestern University has added an “Arts & Sciences of Sponsorship” class to its Graduate School of Sports Business and uses these virtues as a foundation of the course.

Contact: Dan Migala • Founding Partner • Property Consulting Group • 312.948.0254

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