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Time Management or Commitment Management?

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Seemingly back-to-back calls, travel to meetings, tight deadlines, deck creation, proposals needing to get out the door – all good ‘problems’ for us sports marketers to have, indications that we are busy and the market has responded favorably to the value in our partnerships.

A respected mentor recently provided unique insight into the concept of ‘time management.’ His comments truly resonated, with obvious applicability to both my personal and professional life. Below I paraphrase the advice slightly:

“You are never going to get any less busy. Tomorrow will be busier than today, and you will have more responsibilities than you did today. Don’t try to manage your time. Manage your commitments.”

It’s terrific advice. Think about it, simply managing our time – or planning the amount of time spent doing specific activities – does not guarantee that we are actually fulfilling our commitments.

Professionally, it made me think more about the commitments that I’ve made to this role, the company and my coworkers. What was I hired to do?

Personally, I began to prioritize the commitments I’ve made to myself, friends and family members. Am I reacting to life’s tasks or controlling and protecting my goals of developing new skill sets, creating new relationships, experiences, etc.?

Sam Shank, CEO and Co-Founder of Hotel Tonight, recently published an article on LinkedIn titled “What I Learned From a Month of Tracking Every Minute of My Life.” After diligently tracking his time at work, Sam realized his balance was off:

“I wasn’t leaving myself enough time for things I really wanted to be doing more of, like getting advice from our investors, building relationships with strategic partners, working with Product, talking with press, and being readily available and accessible to HT team members.”

It’s obvious that Sam isn’t talking about things he “really wanted to be doing,” rather he is describing his commitments to the company as its CEO. Sam later implores his audience to undertake in the exercise themselves:

“I highly recommend taking a look at how you’re distributing your time and how much of it is spent driving toward accomplishing your goals. If it’s not as much as you’d like, it’s in your hands to do something about it.”

OK Sam, I’m in. Starting next week I am going to do this. I look forward to seeing how the exercise can help me accomplish my goals, while more importantly and simultaneously, fulfilling my commitments.

About the author:
Ben Groneman
Ben joined Property Consulting Group (PCG) in May of 2015 as an Account Executive, focusing primarily on exploring corporate partnership opportunities for PCG client, Minor League Baseball (MiLB). Prior to joining PCG, Ben spent three years with TeamWork Online, the sport and live event industry's premier online recruiting network, managing relationships with clients in the NBA, NFL, MLB, MiLB, NHL, PGA TOUR, ATP Tour, IMG, USNGB’s and more.

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