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The Migala Report was founded by Dan Migala and launched in October 2003 to create an educational and idea-sharing resource for sports executives pursuing revenue-generating concepts. Supported with an unprecedented editorial board comprised of senior-level executives from MLB, the NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, minor league baseball and minor league hockey; The Migala Report quickly became a must-read for seasoned and young executives alike as it deeply explored the most topical subjects.

Within a few years, The Migala Report was featured at virtually every sports business gathering and even had the unique honor of having the FleetCenter renamed The Migala Report Center on February 13, 2005 for a contest between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings as a sign of its growing impact on the industry. The Migala Report’s reach extended as far as Japan with a Japanese edition of the publication and Australia where The Migala Report hosted a sports business seminar for international Cricket executives in 2008.

At the core of The Migala Report’s commitment is a value proposition for learning and community and this belief came full circle when the publication accelerated its reach by partnering for two years with the Baylor University Sports Sales & Sponsorship for editorial development.

In October 2012, The Migala Report’s commitment to give back grew once again as the publication became free to industry executives of all levels. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors Sports Desk Media, Full House Sports & Entertainment, Live Action Media, Conxeo, Navigate Research and Old Hat Creative; The Migala Report is poised for another decade of growth as the true caretaker of the sports business community.

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