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Dribble To Work Day Shows Sometimes All You Need Is Creativity

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From my first full-time job at Northwestern University, I've been challenged to do a lot with a little. We had the smallest staff and the smallest budget in the Big Ten, but that never kept us from finding ways to stretch the dollar. Win or lose, we found ways to market the student-athletes in the community to build relationships that went beyond the score.

Despite 13 losing season in women's basketball during my tenure with the Wildcats, we set attendance records whenever we took the time to get creative. That lesson is at the core of everything I do, so when I started working at the NCAA a year and a half ago, I submerged myself in research, built my strategy and looked for opportunities to get creative. And on Monday, we implemented one of those ideas.

By teaming up with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission for "Dribble to Work Day", we were able to create an event in the host city for the 2015 Women's Final Four that garnered attention in Tampa and beyond. We chose Selection Monday for this initiative because of the importance that women's basketball fans put on the teams competing when deciding whether or not to attend games. By creating excitement in the community that is hosting the Women's Final Four, we were able to draw people in from the start of the tournament to then build up to purchasing tickets in Tampa.

At the heart of women's basketball marketing is the community, so it was awesome to see Tampa rally round the event to continue building momentum, including cameos by the Bucs, Rays and Lightning. In fact, the clip of Steven Stamkos from the Lightning actually made it on to SportsCenter:

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Three local TV stations covered the event and the social media posts using #WFFDribble resulted in almost 5 million impressions: All of this for the cost of some basketball - $550.

Never underestimate the power of creativity!

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