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Digital Ticketing Success in Minor League Baseball

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The process of marketing and selling tickets is changing, and several MiLB teams are adjusting quickly to take advantage of the changing landscape. In today’s digital world, teams now have the opportunity to understand their fans at a far deeper level than ever before, and then use this knowledge to serve highly targeted digital ads.

Analytics are allowing teams to understand what makes their fans tick, or to put it another way, understand their true DNA. Once you comprehend your fans demographics, needs, and attitudes, you can better craft ticket offers, recognize and take advantage of incremental revenue opportunities, and improve sponsor activation.

This past season, SportsDesk Media worked with the Corpus Christi Hooks and Charleston Riverdogs, amongst others, to develop and execute digital ticketing campaigns. The execution of a well-planned digital marketing campaign can offer many benefits, but here are three of the most common.

Trackable Conversions and ROI: One of the best benefits of a digital media campaign is its ability to provide a true ROI. Gone are the days of tracking the effectiveness of a traditional marketing campaign by reminding your sales reps to ask their buyers where they heard about the offer. This is now replaced by a digital campaign that allows a sports marketer to track the cost of a single ad, the conversion rate, resulting tickets sold, and resulting revenue.

Quality Leads: The ability to blend the new school of digital marketing with the old school of developing quality sales leads is an often-mentioned benefit of a digital media campaign. In the Hooks case, a percentage of their digital campaign was focused on lead generation where an ad drove a fan back to their website to fill out a form requesting information on a particular ticketing product. Another digital lead generation strategy comes in the form of a sweepstakes offer served in an interactive ad unit. The interactive ad offers the targeted fan the ability to register to win with name, email, and phone number within the ad itself.

Breakout of Revenue by Creative: Another often-cited benefit of a digital media campaign is the ability to track click-through rates, conversions, and resulting revenue by creative. The ability to track the individual performance of creative allows the sports marketer to optimize to the most effective creative throughout the life of campaign, which will result in a higher conversion rate and maximize the resulting revenue.

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