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Dan in the News

April 20th, 2011: San Diego Union-Tribune: Giant golf club to debut at Petco Park

February 13th, 2012: About Dan Migala

April 26th, 2012: Forbes: P&G Could Clean Up From Tide Detergent Deal With NFL

May 19th, 2012: New York Times: Social Networking Comes to the Ballpark

June 18th, 2012: Charleston Hosts Derby on WWII Aircraft Carrier

June 23rd, 2012: “The Sally” Goes Major League…

August 2nd, 2012: Forbes: Gabby Douglas' Gold Medals At The London Olympics Mean Multi-Million Dollar Endorsement Deals

August 6th, 2012: CBS This Morning: The making of Olympic media stars

August 9th, 2012: New York Times: For Football Fans, The Focus is Monday

August 28, 2012: New York Times: Sports marketing experts praised United Way and the N.F.L. for their efforts.

August 31, 2012: How you say Howzat! in American?

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