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Get a Yes to these three questions and you'll wake up excited to go to work

Take a moment to Google "How many people are happy in their job" and you'll find story after story saying anywhere from 60-80 percent of people aren't happy in their job. Wow! What a miserable way to spend 8-10 hours a day. Doing something that makes you unhappy. Look around you. Four out of the five people you see at your office aren't happy. You may be one of them.

Memorial Day

Tue, 05/31/2016 - 12:15 — ericshainock

Memorial Day is a holiday that many brands like to get involved with. Brands and teams create content in the attempt to engage with consumers; however, many times it comes across as inauthentic. In what is one of our most serious holidays on the calendar, it is a time for remembrance and thought for those that have perished protecting our country.

Government move last week could cause a huge shift in how sports teams employee salespeople

If you've been in the sports business for a while, you know it's long hours for low pay.

Sticking with the theme of philanthropy rooted in business, Warby Parker fits the bill. The organization was founded with a lofty objective: provide designer eyewear at an affordable price, while leading the way for socially conscious business.

While Warby Parker had a great business plan to maximize revenue and become a player in the glasses space, there was an underlying philanthropic reason to open its doors. On their site, they simply state: "We believe that everyone has the right to see."

A Sport Philanthropy Education

Fri, 05/20/2016 - 15:42 — ericshainock

Two weeks ago I listened to a keynote speech given by Dan Migala. He framed his talking points around Walter O'Malley's teachings and his visionary leadership in creating the Ohio University Sport Administration program. Ohio University recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as a program. What has separated Ohio University from the pack is its strong alumni network that dates back decades, as it has held the first-mover advantage.

The Atlanta Falcons listened

Fri, 05/20/2016 - 15:39 — Steve DeLay


It's about time.

A major professional sports team finally listened to fans and said let's make concession prices fair and reasonable.


Thu, 05/12/2016 - 07:46 — Steve DeLay

I was boiling mad. I hope the staff and salespeople were boiling mad also.

I don't get pissed off easily. In this case though, I was steaming walking out of this sales call.

I and my partner Jon Spoelstra are part owners of a summer collegiate baseball team in Savannah, GA. The team has gotten tremendous publicity including ESPN, Yahoo Sports, NBC Sports Network and even features on the team dog, Daisy. That's what made me so mad.

TOMS One Day #WithoutShoes

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 08:21 — ericshainock

On May 10, 2016, TOMS is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. To celebrate, Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder, wants to give away 100,000 pairs of shoes to children in 10 countries. Each year, TOMS spends one day #withoutshoes to raise awareness for children's health and education. This campaign has been active for the past few years, and has made a difference in countries across the world. It is native and authentic to who TOMS is as a company. As a reference, Blake Mycoskie's Twitter bio reads: Chief Shoe Giver and Founder of TOMS. One for One.


Thu, 05/05/2016 - 07:27 — Steve DeLay

If an NBA All-Star can practice, why can't you?

Kyle Lowry is an All-Star, an incredibly talented NBA player for the Toronto Raptors.

They are in to the second round of the NBA playoffs. He's played 82 regular season games, seven playoff games in the first round against the Pacers. He should be exhausted.

If you talk to anyone working in the sports industry, he or she will be quick to say that what makes sports so amazing is that it's unpredictable. On the court or on the field, every game is unscripted; there could be a miracle win or a last-second loss accompanied by the emotions that come with both endings. The emotional ties here is what is indescribable. Fans and brands across the globe want to be a part of this industry as fans are extremely loyal to their teams. What drives people to spend insane amounts of money to be a part of the live-action is simple: emotions.

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