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2014: The future of wearable technology

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‘Tis the season for the predictions, trends and what all is to come in the New Year ahead!

What’s mine?

The use of wearable technology will revolutionize the way we play, market, watch and interact within every aspect of the sports industry.

This topic has of course has been maturing for a long time now, but is finally coming through to fruition.

I’ve seen my fair share of early adopters and tech enthusiasts wearing Google Glasses over the years, but it wasn’t until this month at the National Soccer Coaches Association of American Convention in Philadelphia when I saw Major League Soccer’s Director of Social Media using them in an awards ceremony that it finally clicked.

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Amanda Vandervort, who is also the Vice President for marketing of the NSCAA and a communications and marketing instructor for FIFA, had the honor of introducing soccer legend Kristine Lilly before she accepted her Women’s Committee Award of Excellence. Vandervort then proceeded to record Lilly’s entire acceptance speech from the stage #throughglass.

In an exclusive interview after the event, Vandervort disclosed her opinions on wearable technology and how she is using it to advance the use of technology in sports – both on and off the field:

“I think wearable technology will become an integral part of the future of sports and sports marketing. I’ve had my Google Glass for about 7 months, and I use it all the time. With it, I’m able to easily and unobtrusively capture images and videos that tell unique and special stories, like fans and players at MLS games, moments like Kristine Lilly’s speech at the NSCAA Convention, and things I do personally like running or even playing soccer. I definitely think more teams, leagues, players and coaches will benefit from the evolution of wearable technology, and ultimately, it will help marketers change the way we see and engage in sport.”

Following this trend, the Sacramento Kings released a statement and video of how they became the first professional sports team to live stream their home games via Google Glass, just last week:

Soon enough, more teams and leagues will be considering wearable technology as an essential part to their marketing and online branding strategies.

Then, it’s just a matter of time before wearable technology progresses and items like Google Smart Contact lenses do more than monitor glucose levels.

Google Smart Contact Lenses
How do you see Google Glasses and other types of wearable technology taking center stage for your company or brand?

Do you think leagues and teams will allow fans to help produce content through wearable tech, or that they’ll need to find a way to limit their accessibility somehow?

Share your insights and thoughts below in the comments, or feel free to tweet us or drop me a line at to discuss.

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