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Three C’s for Social Media Success

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I’m a people person. Everywhere I go, no matter where I am, I sincerely enjoy talking to people. I am hyper-social by nature, and I love learning about people’s backgrounds and hearing their stories.

In turn, this also means that people ask me a lot of questions. And I have to say, I’ve finally started to realize a pattern.

As soon as I tell people that my job is to teach and educate people on how to build and execute successful digital communications strategies, especially in regards to social media marking, I get this question:

“So Elly, tell me this: what are the keys to being successful at social media?”

In my opinion, there is not short answer to this question due to the fact that 1) success is calculated very differently for each person who engages in social media, and 2) because I could easily talk to him or her about my answer all day long.

Lucky for them, I am typically in a quick conversation type scenario like on an airplane, in between sessions at a conference, in between client meetings, or on the treadmill at the gym, so I unfortunately can’t divulge them into a deep methodological breakdown of my long form, technical answer.

You on the other hand, have already started reading this blog and are somehow interested in hearing my answer, which I will happily share with you ;)

When people ask me about the keys to being successful at social media, I tell them to work on perfecting the three C’s:

1. Cultivation
2. Connection
3. Consistency

Here’s why:

If you learn to cultivate the current conversations and opportunities surrounding your brand in the social media space, you will be able to better understand the landscape and help nurture conversations to enrich brand advocacy amongst your fans and customers.

Good examples of companies that have cultivated their brands well by listening and engaging with their fans: UFC, Seattle Sounders

The simple click of a button takes you a long way in this world today. The ability to instantaneously connect with others and gather free market research is like none before. Social Media allows you to directly connect and engage with consumers, fans, and influencers that especially your consumers or fans. Find out what people are saying about your brand online and then create a strategic plan to connect, engage and insert yourself into the conversation to start building online relationships.

Examples: Comcast (Ultimate Sports fan), VISA (Cheer campaign with USA Swimming), Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated Journalist)

The key to achieving success at anything you do, is to establish consistency. Without consistency in your work, you look disorganized and inefficient. Your messaging and intentions fall short, which can negatively affect your brand that worked so hard on building up.

Creating a consistent social persona online that is representative of your company or brand offline is essential.

Being consistent also cultivates your community and connects you with your fans, because they know they can depend on you.

While habitual nature can sometimes be hard to maintain with the ever-changing social sphere, it is consistency that holds the glue all together.

Examples of consistent social voices: Skittles, Oreo, Boston Celtics

So don’t worry if you’re not a people person that likes talking to people as much as I do, this will still work. We can all work on improving ourselves a little more everyday, and really own the space that we work in.

Effective social media marketing takes time and a lot of effort, but is well worth it in the end.

If there is one thing I can leave you with, it’s learn how to Cultivate, Connect and be Consistent in the way that works best for you and your fan base.

Represent yourself or company online much like you would do in real life, and continue to communicate and network with others to build a consistent social media strategy.

We at The Migala Report encourage you to share your stories, case studies, and insights from the digital sports marketing industry. Feel free to comment below, send us a tweet or email Elly directly at for any conversations that need to be had in over 140 characters.

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