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Summing Up The #PDBookClub

Tracie Hitz's picture

A few weeks ago, I was watching a show where one of the characters said he wasn't going on a second date with a woman because she doesn't like to read. He said, "She told me that as if it's okay not to read." I actually hear this all the time because I'm always talking about books. I love them so much that I started a virtual book club last year with sports biz professionals that "meets" on the last Wednesday of every month via Twitter (#PDBookClub). We don't drink wine (or at least I assume they don't!), but we do get some great insight into different books throughout the year.

Because not everyone likes to read, the discussion is set up to basically give a book report each month so even if you didn't read the book, you get something out of it. The questions ask people to share experiences and information about themselves based on the book that can inspire others personally and professionally.

Now in our second year of the #PDBookClub, this Twitter chat has also become a great networking platform with many of us becoming friends while sharing so much about ourselves in the process. Some of my favorite books discussed so far were "The Thank You Economy", "The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs" and "Delivering Happiness". Check out some of the recaps of these discussions, as well as other books I've read over the last year to get your reading fix. Or join us today as we discuss "Sum It Up" by Pat Summitt from 11 am-4 pm Eastern, which gives you time throughout the day to pop in whenever you have free moments.

Would love to hear from sports biz pros about their favorite books. Comment below or use #PDBookClub on Twitter!

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