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Outside Looking In

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By Christine Stoffel and Chris Dill

After spending over 35 years, collectively, as sports and entertainment executives involved with technology, we are now partners in a company called SEAT – Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology.

Within SEAT, we have the opportunity to see and review technologies used in the sports and entertainment industry from an outsiders point of view. We have the most amazing opportunity to work with a majority of the sports teams, leagues, entertainment venues and colleges across the country on a regular basis. Thanks to Dan Migala and The Migala Report, we can now share our experiences, discussions and travels across the industry with you!

With our past experience of being sports executives overseeing technology, we have lived and breathed in the trenches of the sports and entertainment world including….
• Technology
• Marketing
• Ticket Sales & Sponsorships
• CRM and Database Marketing
• Project Management
• Staffing
• Budgeting

We … as you did this each day with the goal in mind to bring forth strategic and innovative ideas to the forefront and help our organization be the best in the industry. The goal to provide our fans with the best experience for their dollar! We understand your challenges and have walked in your shoes.

Over the last year, our travels have taken us to New York City, Boston, Chicago, Daytona, Indianapolis, Kansas City and many other cities around the country.. We have partnered and worked with each of the Leagues; MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and MLS as well as many teams and venues such as the Jets, Madison Square Garden, Devils, Cubs, White Sox, United Center ( Bulls/Blackhawks) PGA Ryder Cup, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Delaware North, Chiefs, Royals, Kansas Speedway, Sporting KC, , Indianapolis Speedway, Pacers, International Speedway Corporation and many others!

We work each day in a collaborative fashion with many great minds, thought leaders and innovators who are involved with technology from across the world-wide industry of sports and entertainment. We are constantly talking with technology companies across the world to keep an understanding of where the next trends and opportunities for the SE industry are leading. As we meet and talk with sports teams, colleges, venues and solution providers and ask questions, get ideas and perspectives on the state of the industry around, technology, social-digital influences, as well as the state of their own organizations projects, mindsets, values, missions, goals and direction. We network with the teams and peers together across League boundaries and across the borders of sporting entities from all over the world.

The reason why we do this?
• We believe this is a “community” that can learn and grow from each other’s experiences and ideas.
• We have developed life-long friendships with our peers across this industry and we want to share all of this with you.
• We believe that together, we can all make this industry more stimulating, profitable and a phenomenal experience for the fans and customers of the industry as well as those who work every day within the industry.

Coming from inside the industry, we will share with you perspectives that not many people have the opportunity to deliver and with this, we will openly bring you articles each month to provide you a different insight on topics such as
• Green technologies
• Core technologies, Wi-Fi , DAS and Data Center Trends along with Cloud Solutions
• Mobile Applications
• Social & Digital Media
• Leadership strategies
• New buildings challenges and renovation strategies
• Big Data, Analytics and BI tools and best practices
• And share with you ways to improve revenue streams and enhance your relationship with your fans, customers and sponsors.

Merging our past and our current experiences, the one thought we would like to leave you with this month is the following….. no matter what your title or your position within a sports organization or entertainment venue is…
• Be sure to take a moment from time to time, to take a step back, look at your role, your responsibility, your department and your projects and your busy day.
• Make sure that you are looking at the business from an entrepreneurial and visionary perspective
• Talk to your peers in the organization as well as outside of your organization and ensure that you are bringing the most value and the best innovative ideas and forward thinking you can to your organization and to the industry as a whole.
• Challenge yourself and those around you…every day.
• Each day strive to learn something new, to be the best you can be…for you, for your organization, for your peers and for your family.

With this thinking and perspective, you will continue to grow professionally, personally and you will continue to challenge your peers and colleagues to grow as well.

In each future edition of The Migala Report, we will be writing to you about the state of the industry, how technology is continuing to evolve in the industry as well as evolve as a part of the experience for the fans. We will share case studies and real-world examples of what teams are doing and how. We will be your eyes and ears across the industry to bring you fresh, provocative ideas and share with you our travels and fellow technologists experiences… and we will do this all..…”From the Outside Looking In”

We would love to hear from you. Please fee free to submit your ideas, feedback, case studies and share your experiences with us at If you would like information on attending SEAT 2013 Conference in Kansas City August 4-7, please see our website at or you may contact us at

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