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Marketing and Advertising to Women

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Have you considered targeting women as one of your marketing strategies? In February, I had the opportunity to see how two teams market specifically to women in a presentation at the National Sports Forum. Lisa Boaz, senior marketing manager for the St. Louis Rams and Katie Bolinger, Advertising and Marketing Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens presented how they market to women to build their brand and sell tickets. Each team had their own approach in part because of their team’s marketing objectives.

The St. Louis Rams started marketing women in order to sell more tickets. Boaz presented that according to research by the Harvard Business Review:

• 85% of all brand purchases are made by women
• American women control $4.3 trillion in annual spending

The Rams started to target more women in their approach to selling tickets through their advertising mediums. Their strategy was to focus on family, be authentic, tell their story, gather and use feedback from women. In addition, after their women’s university football event received negative comments, they utilized female feedback to change their event to a Ladies Football Camp. The football university event was designed to educate on x’s and o’s in more of a classroom setting and didn’t engage women. After soliciting women for ideas, they elected to change their event to be more interactive and engaging. The Rams created an event that now focuses more on drills and fitness which has been received more positively.

In building off the success of their Ladies Football Camp and the desire to market more to women, this spring the Rams are going to roll out a women’s football club called the Lady Rams. This club will be a paid membership that includes tickets to a game, special events, discounts on merchandise and much more. This club will be an opportunity for women to engage directly more with the team as well as drive ticket sales.

The Baltimore Ravens have targeted their efforts on marketing to women through their women’s club called Purple Just for Women. The Ravens have a different reason for their women’s club – deeper brand engagement as they do not need to sell tickets (they have a season ticket holder waiting list). The club was established in 2007 due to a high female fan base of 34%. They wanted to continue to engage them even though they didn’t need to drive sales. Currently their club, which is a free membership, has 27,500 members. These women have the chance to attend special events and receive special offers.

Even if you don’t have the resources to start a women’s club, have you thought about utilizing women to provide feedback on how to market to women and families? The New York Mets developed a Mets Moms panel that gave them feedback and ideas on how to maintain and grow relationships with moms and families. The Mets utilized the Mets Moms as a focus group to discuss everything from their kid’s club and other strategies to serving as digital ambassadors. Through the use of feedback from the Mets Moms, the Mets rebranded their kid’s club and benefits.

As women continue to make spending decisions, marketing to them could be an effective way to sell tickets, build your brand and garner new ideas. What are you currently doing to market your team to women and is your strategy working? Share your comments below, tweet me at @maryzpink or email me at

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