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Making Your Ideas Happen

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You have that "one" idea that no one has thought of before (and that no one has been brave enough to try). It’s one of those concepts that could set your marketing team apart from the rest of the teams and the schools.

But can it be successful? But remember that some of the greatest ideas don’t work out because they don’t execute them well.

When the New Jersey Devils came up with innovative idea for the Social Media Mission Control Center, everyone thought it was a brilliant idea. It was a great success. But if they had not thought through all of the details and executed it properly, the idea would have fallen flat. Without the trailblazing Devils, we may not have seen other mission control centers such as Oregon’s Quack Cave popping up.

It’s important to create ideas not just creatively think of them.

Here are some tips to get your idea off the ground:

1. Don’t be afraid to go forward with your idea. Some ideas never get off the ground, because people are afraid the idea will fail or that their boss won’t support the idea. If you are concerned about the support from above you, make sure and really do your research to get any and all information needed. This will help provide support on why your idea is a good one and could help ease the minds of those above you on taking a risk.

2. Ask yourself will this idea help the organization accomplish its goals. …If not, why do you want to implement this idea.

3. Create a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis will help you see if there are any challenges or opportunities. Really look at this part of the process and truly ask yourself questions to make sure you are on the right track.

4. Use a collaborative approach. Find people who don’t think the same way you do. Allow others to challenge your idea to make sure it’s a good one. Many times they will bring another perspective to your idea that you haven’t thought of.

5. Create a detailed plan for the idea including strategies, how these will be implemented, a “to do” list with a timeline. Write down all of the necessary parts to executing the plan. Leave nothing in your head. If you write it all down, you will be less likely to forget it.

6. Be flexible to make changes. You need to be able to adapt and make changes when implementing your idea. You may plan one way for the idea to be executed and then something changes, a problem comes up and you need to go in a different direction then that’s important to be flexible.

7. Create measurable goals for your idea. What do you want this to accomplish? How will you know it has been successful? This way when your idea takes off, you can benchmark it against your goals.

8. Assess your idea as it evolves. Get feedback from others. What is working? What needs to be changed? What can you learn from this?

Anyone can come up with an idea that is unique and special. What sets you apart is how you pull it off.

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