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Don't Let F.O.M.O. Ruin Your Day

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If you blink, you’ll miss it. At least that’s what some people seem to think about social media, right?

I would not be surprised if those are the people that stare at their Twitter streams all day long and never actually get any work done (or at least that’s what I like to believe they are doing so I feel better about myself when I have to remind my self to step away).

I think we all can admit: social media is addicting. What’s more addicting though is feeling the need to always be “in the know” and never skipping a beat on what’s happening online. And while we all are inherently social beings by nature, not all of us can take this pressure. This responsibility/anxiety/stress/trepidation is diagnosed as a common case of F.O.M.O.

What’s F.O.M.O. you ask? Well, clearly you don’t have it, because otherwise you would know (pat on the back for you ☺), as it’s commonly know as “Fear Of Missing Out”.

F.O.M.O. is contagiously spread via users of social media, especially for anyone in the sports industry.

This viral contagion makes it extremely difficult to not feel like you need to lose sleep over the plethora of scores, news, videos, memes, tweets, and superfluous amounts of updates that are available to you. We don’t have to wait 24 hours to read about a post game press conference, or wait for the news channels to replay last nights’ Pacquiao knockout over and over, as everything is distributed in real time.

As a sports fan or marketer, this can be very disconcerting as your job is to be in the know.

That being said, being strategic, organized and knowledgeable about the available resources that are out there to help you manage the intake of knowledge from across the web is essential to your brain not imploding with copious amounts of stress and information.

Here my friends, is my prescription to help you manage your F.O.M.O. anxiety in the sports world:

1. Rank and prioritize your goals and objectives
- Is it essential that you view every single tweet from an NBA player, sports caster or news publication? Probably not. Limit
your time to what is necessary for you to do your job, and let those people who influence you the most do their job.
-Create personal and work based goals/objectives that align with your priorities and purpose for interacting in the digital

2. Use the great tools and technologies of the web to save you time, money and efficiency throughout your day
- Receive daily emails straight to your inbox from your favorite authors, journalists, or bloggers
- Use Google Reader or an RSS type feeder that helps you aggregate news articles and publications all in one place
- Control the daily influx of social mentions with social management tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
- Keep your thoughts, notes and ideas in one place with an organizational tool like Evernote
- Utilize online program management tools like Basecamp, Asana, or Huddle for your team to access anytime, anywhere
- Sign up for daily or weekly email digests from your groups on LinkedIn

3. Organize your day, before that day even begins
- Take 5 minutes at the end of your day today to plan for what needs to get done tomorrow
- Scan through your news streams and social sites on the way to and from work (if you are taking publication transportation
and not driving of course)
- Create a list on Twitter or an interest list on Facebook so you don’t have to scroll through every single mention to get to the important or juicy information from your heaviest influencers

4. Archive your work and others that influence you
- The old “copy and paste” trick works wonders to help you keep track of information, URLs, or mentions you want to archive
or bookmark
- Take screenshots and save down in a word or excel file somewhere to document important visuals or content you want to
come back and reference later for a presentation or blog post
- Favorite tweets that are meaningful to you or your company that you can come back and reference later

5. Don’t catch a case of the Mondays
- Take 15 minutes of your weekend to read through articles, research publications and social mentions so everything doesn’t pile on you when you get back to the office on Monday morning
- Organize your daily and weekly duties to make a conscious effort to maintain an even work load M-F

6. Scan the market for education/learning experiences
- Increasing your knowledge of the sports and social media space is key to advancing your professional career, so take a new webinar each month, join a Twitter chat, subscribe to a podcast, pick up a new book to read at lunch, or find whatever it is that will challenge you to learn more than what you typically do from 9 am – 5 pm each week

In short: don’t let your “Fear Of Missing Out” ruin your day! Figure out what works best for you, and your company will thankful for your organizational skills and foresight.

We encourage you to share your suggestions, ideas and feedback below in the comments, by tweeting us at @TheMigalaReport or emailing directly for any conversations that need to be had in over 140 characters.

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